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Fair Trade...why it matters

I’ve always loved the Indian culture! I have several friends from India and I love to hear them talk about their culture, eat their flavorful foods and their textiles...oh their textiles just make me smile from ear to ear! Over two years ago I started working directly with the producers of Kantha textiles in India. I asked one of them, Chanchal her story! And this is what she told me... “I'm a small town girl, my father used to do the kantha for a long time but he and the ladies (300+ ladies who do kantha) never got recognition and because they used to supply to the big city people, they never got fair wages and I grew up seeing all these people so I've decided to spread the work to the world directly.” I hope to be able to collaborate with and

bring not only the Indian culture but cultures and artisan creations from other 3rd world countries to my website in an effort to help people...people who live on less than $1 a day in some cases. Your purchase helps to employ hundreds of hard working underpaid artisans around the world!

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