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New Home...Blank Canvas

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

My husband and I have been married a little over 4 years....and we've moved 5 times. Aaaaaaand we are about to enter into our 6th move mid-May. This move however is THE move. It's taking us where we've been wanting to go. All of our moves in the past have lead us to this point. We are looking for a simpler way of life. A life where we can focus on helping people, without the distractions of a busy city, long commutes, and on every corner material conveniences. We're moving to the area of Jenkins, KY. So I'm looking forward to SO much with this move! And among the things I'm looking forward to is converting our next dwelling place into a home. Russell (my hubby) can testify that I do this very quickly...and not necessarily because I'm good at it, but because I'm OCD and I can't function properly unless "there's a place for everything, and everything in it's place".

With all this being said....I also enjoy making our house a home. I like friends and family who come to visit us to immediately feel at home. A place where they can get cozy in and stay a while. So along the way...I will offer some tips that I've discovered that have helped me to juggle a move and all the other crazy things we've got going on in our very busy lives!

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