Rustic Boho Scarf Curtain Panels Kantha Patchwork  Colorful Hippie Gypsy Camper

Rustic Boho Scarf Curtain Panels Kantha Patchwork Colorful Hippie Gypsy Camper

Perfectly imperfect handcrafted hippie curtains! Please read!  These are ALL Custom Made Curtains. What you are seeing are curtains I've made for ,amy of my customers. I can make something unique for your style and color preferences, but Communication with me is required before ordering to ensure that I’m able to design according to your space and that you are happy with your product. If I don’t hear from you within 3 days of order placement I will cancel the order. These are customized curtain panels and are nonrefundable. Colors and patterns vary. Home Decor Style Photos from you are extremely helpful in my creative process! 3 panels can cover a standard doorway.  Each curtain panel has a unique handcrafted design on each side. Fair Trade Beautiful Kantha (recycled fabric scraps) handcrafted quilted pieces. So there are slight imperfects, little unnoticeable stains, rips and Patchworked together for a perfectly imperfect boho look! The beauty in these curtains is the eclectic rustic style with Kantha thread fringe at the top. Bottom May have it too, depends on length and if requested that way otherwise all raw edges have a lightweight zigzag stitch. Dominate colors are reds and yellows but I do have splashes of various other colors. THESE DO NOT BLOCK LIGHT unless scrunched together. For Lightblocking Kantha curtains check out my other Blanket Curtain listings.

  • Custom Made and Nonrefundable-Approval Needed



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